Log files

The following data shall be recorded in log files for each request on the Portal server by the visitor/user’s browser:

  • the IP address of the visitor/user, which is his/her personal data, even if we cannot identify him/her on our own on the basis of this information,
  • the date and time of execution of each request for data transfer between browser and server (https request) for the operation of the https protocol,
  • the server’s response code  with the call parameters of the https protocol (https response),
  • the server response time in ms to each request and
  • the type of browser through which the request was submitted.

The above data shall be collected to control the security of the Portal information and services, to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information and data from accidental or illegal or malicious actions or incidents, to investigate any online attacks and incidents, and to support any relevant legal claims.

The log files shall be kept for a period of 12 months and may be notified to the processing company for the purpose of managing the Portal and to the competent authorities if necessary to investigate any online attack and incident. The information for which an investigation is made or is used in the context of legal claims shall be kept for the period required for those purposes.